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St John's CE First School

Church School Distinctiveness

Daily Collective Worship

Our approach to collective worship is based upon:

Values for Life,Compassion, Courage, Trust, Forgiveness, Friendship, Thankfulness, Wisdom, Peace, Generosity, Creativity, Service, Truthfulness, Respect, Perseverance, Hope, Humility, Justice, Responsibility

Each half term we focus on one of the above values.

We hope you will get a good feel for the character of our school. We believe everyone, from leaders and Governors to teachers, support staff and of course our children have an important role to play in making our school a place where Christian love and commitment is expressed in everyday life.

Our daily acts of collective worship are planned to give everyone a rich range of  experiences to develop spirituality through reflection as well an understanding of Christianity and aspects of other faiths and cultures. Prayer is at the heart of our relationship with God. The children write and say their own prayers and these are shared on our prayer tree in the welcome area of school. 

Every Thursday our collective worship takes place next door in St John's Church. This is lead by members of the community and is a lively , fun time which everyone enjoys!

At important times in the church calendar parents and friends are invited to join us for services in the church or in school. We also welcome speakers from other churches and organisations to join us. 

Worship Team

Each term two children from each class are elected to represent the school and develop the Christian character of the school.  The worship team plan and lead some of the collective worship and meet each fortnight to discuss ideas. 

Values Tokens

This year we have started to collective tokens when we show our Christian and British values around school. 

During the 2nd half of the Autumn term we collected:

Forgiveness - 28 tokens

Love - 54 tokens

British Values - 100 tokens

Friendship - 116 tokens

Well Done St John's!



St John's CE First School was judged outstanding in June 2014 by SIAMS.

Please read  the full SIAMS report for St John's CE First School. Our Church school distinctiveness is a stregth of the school and our close links to St John's Church provides  many opportunities to develop our spirituality and embed our understanding of the Christian values for life.