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St John's CE First School


St John's is a Church of England First school for pupils aged 4-9, maintained by Wimborne Academy Trust.

Important Information for Parents regarding School Admissions

We welcome applications from parents for their children to join our school at any time.  Parent/Carers  should apply for a place via Dorset Local Authority.

Click on the links below to be taken to the Dorset Local Authority web pages:


The 2016/17 and 2017/18 Admissions Arrangements were agreed before the school converted to academy status and so must apply until such time that the Academy Trust reviews admission arrangements and proposes new procedure.

The Academy Trust is currently considering the introduction of revised admission arrangements for the 2018/19 school year that more appropriately meet the needs of the member schools and their communities. You are asked to look out for future announcements about these proposals on this website and in the local press.

A full public consultation is required before altered admission arrangements can be implemented and you will be encouraged to comment during the consultation period, should the proposals be of interest to you and your family. 

Important: 2018/19 School Admission Arrangements Update 

Wimborne Academy Trust has been considering the redevelopment of its school Admission Arrangements, in conjunction with partner schools and the Local Authority. The intention had been to revise admission arrangements for the 2018/19 school year. However, as the Trust is committed to only introducing revised admission arrangements when new policy and practice can be established which genuinely benefits the local community and the schools, this will not now happen.

Following various discussions, a working party with representatives from partner schools and Dorset CC has concluded that there is currently insufficient detail available to accurately inform the factors which influence the development of school admission arrangements. Especially concerning the level of housing development, which remains somewhat volatile and affects pupil forecasts and the appropriateness of catchment boundaries. Consequently, a cross-partner decision has been taken to continue operating with the current published school Admission Arrangements until at least 2019/20. This will allow sufficient time for further work to be undertaken in order that the most appropriate solution is developed for future use.

Children Starting School in September 2018 

Parents of children starting school in September 2018 should apply for a place via Dorset Local Authority. Click on the link below to be taken to the Dorset Local Authority web pages:

Tours of the School 

We are always delighted to show parents/carers around the school and answer any questions you might have. Please telephone the school 01202 883675 to arrange a tour. In most cases the Head of School will accompany parents/carers on school tours.